Designed by a chair user, for chair users!
firearm adapter

Holster Adapters

Fits most standard rigid frame chairs with a 70 to 90 degree bend and 1" and 1-1/4" diameter tubing. We have adapters to fit several of the more popular polymer or rigid style holsters.

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gun cover pouch

Concealed Carry Cover

Discreet, attractive concealment with Quick access when necessary. Designed to work exclusively with our Adapter and Black Hawk’s CQC Serpa holsters.

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flash suppressor

Flash Suppressor/Compensator

Reduces muzzle rise and stabilizes the rifle, effectively supporting faster follow up shots, while maintaining outstanding flash reduction. Quality machined and more.

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Made In USA

Quality materials, built in America

Priced Right

Hand built and modestly priced

Stay Protected

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