This is the second mount I’ve purchased from you and I love it. I’ve been a swat cop with Boise PD for 21 years. I was shot 5x in a gun fight 4 years ago with an armed gang member. Paralyzed, left leg amputated. I initially struggled with being so vulnerable after the shooting but once I discovered your wheelchair mount and started carrying everyday it makes me feel 100% better knowing I can still defend myself. Keep up the good work!
~ Thank You, Kevin
A quick note to say thanks for the adapter, man this is so helpful. Now I can't image not having it and I appreciate the quick service.
~ Thanks, Tim
Hi Scot, Put your cover on today and it looks good, Fit and finish is right on. I think the size is just right, I have a mag extension on my G26 and it slides on with just the right amount of room. I throw my chair in the back of my jeep liberty with the front wheels straight up in the air and the mount, gun and cover stay put! Now I will have my G26 with me at all times. Thank you for great communication, workmanship and fast shipping!
~ Thank You, Sam
Hi Scot,, Just to let you know that my holster adapter arrived today and it is a perfect fit. Thank you again for a great product and terrific service.
~ Kind regards, Jim
Just bought the concealed carry cover to go with your adapter, It works great! I took it by the shop of my CHL instructor and he says that it meets all of the legal requirements for conceal carry so I'm good to go. Thank you so much for coming up with this idea. I'm showing it to as many people in 'chairs as I can! Take care and keep up the great work.
~ All the best, Mike
I managed to get to the range and sling some rounds down range a couple of times and the bracket works superbly with no slipping or moving so I won’t require the smaller bracket. The frame on the GTi is slightly kinked on the downward section and it fits snugly in there presenting the pistol grip nicely for the draw.
~ Cheers, Gerry

A little update got the new holster about 2 weeks ago set every thing up to your specs and to how it would fit me best and I got to tell you, your setup is perfect I can get to my gun so much faster and safer. I love using it every-one out there in a wheelchair that can use this, should use this. you did great kid.
~Thank You, Johnny
The Snap bracket fits perfect on my frame. I will send you a picture with it on soon, Good work and great design.
~ Thanks, Edgie

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